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Marius P.
Mihai Tanase 2023-05-13
Martin S.
Muizzul Islam2023-05-12

I recently had CarPlay installed at Kingz Kustomz, and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. The installation was flawless, and CarPlay has transformed my driving experience. I highly recommend Kingz Kustomz for their excellent CarPlay installations and other top-notch service.

Will be coming back for further services.

Moty Y.
Manea Sabin2023-05-11

Grate, if not the best place to modify your car. The staff is very friendly and helpful, it feels like they are your friends from the start.

I brought my Mercedes C class coupe (sport) in for some modifications. The big deal was finding a diffuser to fit. We looked everywhere but, in the end we opted for an AMG diffuser. I was very stressed out because I knew it won’t fit my sports model. Lucky the lads knew what they were doing and they have done a grate job. I will for sure come back. Keep up the good work.

Robert I.
Imran Ibrahim2023-04-30

My journey started in the spring of 2022 after I had placed an order for the Tesla Model Y. Technologically the car is amazing, however, they could've made some improvements on the design.

I decided to Google, and I came across many car customisations in London and Manchester, that looked great for what they could do, but just too far and they never really had time for me. Then I thought, let me try local and came across Kings Kustomz, in particular Noor.

From the start when I spoke to him, bearing in mind that I could be waiting a long time for delivery as I had just ordered, and I explained this to Noor. Yet he still went through the colour wraps with me and sent me images to my phone. He also got back to me when I sent messages, quite promptly. To me, this showed, genuine good service.

From that point onwards we were continuously discussing body kits, wheels, interior, etc. I hadn't placed a single order yet with Noor and at any time I could’ve just went with someone else, yet he happily gave me all this free advice on look, style etc.

After finally getting the car delivered in March this year, I dropped off to Kingz for them to work on their magic. Noor would send me continuous feeds on the progress, I would always be updated, so nothing is a surprise. If something did not look right or if they felt something looked better, then Noor would always provide his personal advice even if it meant it would cost less for them. He would always search and find the best value for the best look and quality.

The relationship was very professional, but at times it also felt like family, based on regular feedback beyond the call of duty.

When the car was finally finished, I don't even need to tell you on the impact this had on me at first glance, I was just blown away on the quality of the work. One word describes everything that they have done and that is "Outstanding". This is how the car should have looked from the showroom. The pictures speak for themselves. I highly recommend them.



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